Traveling along Bigfoot Scenic Byway

Just after we moved here, Keith found out that the Karuk Tribe that he belongs to offered dental work to members at no cost.  Needing some major work, he inquired more about the program.  We found that we we need to travel down river to a quaint little town called Happy Camp (athithu’f-vuunupma in Karuk).  It’s a town of about1200 population and is nestled in “The Heart of The Klamath”.  Traveling down river to Happy Camp is so scenic with the small farms that dot the highway.IMG_2677 IMG_0491
 We usually spot several deer, many birds and squirrels and an occasional herd of elk.
We’ve done a bit of hiking across from a campsite along the river.  In fact, this is where, last year, I got bitten by a small deer tick while I was picking wildflowers along a stream.   it hurt like a son of a gun!  Keith drove my to the indian clinic to have it removed and that hurt too.
Many hikers travel across highway 96 along the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail).  The PCT starts down at the Mexico border and goes all the way to Washington.  Many people stop in Happy Camp for showers, re-supplying and resting.
Another group of people you will find along the river are the gold prospectors.  There are old mining camps along the highway and lots of mining claims, most of which are owned by the new ’49ers or the federal government!  But the one thing the Highway is known for yet we’ve never seen is the infamous Bigfoot.  I will keep my eyes open and report any sightings.bigfoot
 In the meantime you can find out more about the beauty of the Hwy by following the links.

3 thoughts on “Traveling along Bigfoot Scenic Byway

  1. did you do the flower arrangement……? lovely description of what you saw and did….miss you bunches…
    but happy you are there!!!!!!!!

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