Makin’ Bacon

I am so happy to start blogging again!  It’s been several months since my last blog entry.  We’ve been dealing with some family medical issues, hospital visits and the like.  Things are much better now and we are getting back in to the swing of life on the river.
We are still eating fresh veggies from the garden as well as fruits and veggies we froze or canned!  We had a bumper crop of peaches this year so we are enjoying home canned peaches whenever we want them.IMG_0882
We’ve also started to cure and smoke our own bacon.  The taste is not like any bacon you can buy in the store.

Image 1

We start
with a pork belly from a local farm or butcher.
Next, I trim off the outer skin and any excess fat and then cut
into slabs of bacon.  I make a few different flavored dry rubs using naturaproducts such as REAL maple                                      Imagesyrup, garlic, bay leaves, molasses, fresh ground pepper, etc… 
We place each slab into a ziplock bag after it has been massaged with the rub.  It’s then placed in the refrigerator for 4-5 days to cure.
Image 4
After the bacon has been in the cure for several days, I rinse the bacon and pat dry.  We then place it on the racks and keith starts the smoking process.
Image 9
Image 12

He uses apple wood and finishes with hickory.
Image 11
 It takes about 4 hours to smoke. This creates a sweet and smokey flavor.  Once the slabs cool, it’s time to slice and package for freezing.
Image 10
The end result is a tasty bacon that is flavorful and meaty.Image 13
We are adapting to life on the river.  It is very different out here.  The winters are cold and we spend more time indoors but the rest of the seasons are wondrous.  The wildlife is amazing  and we are starting to find beautiful spots to explore.
I am planning on blogging more often and sharing our adventures with you.  From our family to yours…. Happy New Year!  May 2014 be a wonderful year for you!
For those of you that asked for the recipe for my Moroccan Orange Cake, I’ve added it to the recipes in the blog.  Here is the link to take you there.

3 thoughts on “Makin’ Bacon

  1. So good to hear from you and know things are going much better. The bacon sounds wonderful.

    How is Miss Ginger Snap????

    Take care and Happy New Year.


  2. Good to see a new blog entry!!! The bacon looks scrumptious , but too much work for me! It sounds amazing to actually live through the seasons as they change. Thank you for sharing your ongoing adventure! I love you, Mom

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