In a Bread Basket

Country living in the year 2013…. Such a welcomed change of pace from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.  The last 6 months have been such a learning experience.  I have learned to preserve and can and dehydrate fruit and vegetables, bake breads and pies, cure walnuts, raise chickens and compost waste. IMG_0115IMG_0501 I haven’t bought bread at the grocery store for months.  We make bread twice a month and freeze a few loafs.  It is so nice to have such wholesome goodness.  I found a wonderful  whole grain bread recipe that is out of this world.  Right now, in my freezer I have 10 grain, cinnamon raisin, white and French loaves all baked by me!
The Chickens have become part of the family.  They are so comical.  Since the weather has been so cold lately, I give them warm oatmeal or rice in the mornings while I defrost their water.  They love the warm grains.  I add dried apples and cranberries as an added treat and then I ask them when I will get the first treasured egg.  I am hoping that it will be soon!
The winter weather here is much colder than I am used to but I am adjusting.  I’ve traded in my skirts and heels for thermals, fleece, jeans and flannel! IMG_2598 Even Ginger Snap is getting used to the snow!IMG_2607 I am looking out at snow topped roofs and dangling icicles. Glad it’s warm and cozy inside our cottage.  We go for walks in the snow, it’s cold but amazing and we look forward to a hot chocolate or tea when we get home!
I’ve started planning our gardens.We are going to have two 10- x 10 plots down by the river. Why 2?  One side gets more direct sun for thing like corn and watermelon.We are getting 2 large gated dog runs that are 6 ft tall to keep the deer from eating our crops this year!  We are also terracing one section behind the house for asparagus and strawberries…Each plant in a “cage” to protect it!IMG_0097       I found a great way to grow potatoes on Pinterest, we are going to attempt growing some this way. I am plotting everything out with the garden planner and our calendar so we know when to start the seeds indoors and when to transplant them outdoors.  It’s a big project but I am looking forward to getting my hands back into the soil soon!
I am looking forward to a great year out here on the river and to sharing my adventures with all of you!  Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “In a Bread Basket

  1. I so enjoyed reading about all that you have learned and accomplished in such a shrt time! Being able to not only change your clothing mode, you’ve managed to successfully begin an entire life style in a very new environment!!! You truly know how to swim in “strange waters”!!! I don’t know how to express my admiration and the joy I feel knowing that you are at this time, where you should be. I can’t wait to hear about your garden and all of the bounty which you will find amazing ways to cook and preserve. Thank you for sharing life at the river. Love you, Mom

  2. I also am impressed with your “transformation” Not many people could make such a radical change and be happy about it.
    My “hat is off to you” Slightly envious…but in a good way. You deserve it. Hugs to the family and the “pets”

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