From Brooder to Coop… The Chickens Move Outside!

Our little chickens are growing up so fast. A few nights ago we started to leave them in their coop all night. I have done lots of research on raising chickens and I am in agreement that too much coddling will result in weak birds so I have began getting them adjusted to the weather after their first two weeks with us. Yet,as I left them out for their first full night I was concerned for them. Call me mother hen because I actually worried about them all night and as soon as it was dawn I was out to check on the little chicks. As I approached the coop and called to them, down the ramp marched Millie, Lucy and Darling to see what I brought them. Those little girls are already spoiled with the little scraps of food I set a side for them.

The coop is complete except for the roofing paper and the decor. It was a big project and we had to redo a few things but it is solid and very sturdy. We wanted the chickens to be protected from the elements as well as safe and secure from predators. We didn’t use any plans and most materials we found around the property. The cats like to sit and watch as the chicks flitter about their run and Ginger Snap loves them and is so careful when they are playing around her. One day when I was moving the brooder, I accidentally left the door open and the chicks escaped out. Once I realized they were gone, I panicked but I was quite amused to see them playing around Ginger Snap and she just sat there watching them. She doesn’t even get upset when they peck her nose!


We are enjoying the new additions to our family. Not only do they help consume the scraps, work at eliminating bugs and weeds, they will supply us with eggs in the spring!

If you want to learn more about raising chickens, check out these websites:
Backyard Chicken
My Pet Chicken


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