Up, Up and Away…

Yesterday, we went to the Montague Hot Air Balloon Festival.  We got there before dawn to watch the sun come up and the balloons lift off.  As I was waiting anxiously for the hot air balloons to take flight, I began to reflect on the last two months of my life. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been living here on the Klamath River for those 2 months.  And boy o boy have our lives ever changed!!  We are adapting well to our new surroundings in a strange but exciting way.  Who would of thunk that on my “wish list” would be a dehydrator and a compost thermometer!   Our days are filled with all kinds of  chores, managing the house and property, gardening and gathering fruits and nuts and various projects.  The chicken coop is almost complete and the chicks are just about big enough to start living in it! they are so cute and growing up so quick. Ginger Snap loves them!  She is like the mother hen!!!  They should be ready to start laying eggs for us in the spring!
And then there are the things I’m learning… Canning, preserving, curing nuts, baking. I have several recipesI’ll be sharing soon.  I’m composting and building things.  Chasing garden snakes and figuring out ways to keep the deer from eating our vegetables and flowers. I’m also  learning about taking care of roses and pruning trees.  I am enjoying the simpler things in life and truly appreciative for this opportunity to live a more natural lifestyle.  Let me tell you that when the day is done and I hit the bed, I am out!  I wake up refreshed and ready to start my day. Oh yeah, if you want to lose some inches from your waste…. Just start gardening!!!
We are now preparing for winter.  Storing foods and supplies, getting the heating oil and propane tanks filled, making sure the emergency generator is working.  There is much to do out here on the river and I am enjoying every minute of it. Whew!!! It’s been a whirlwind!

3 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away…

  1. what a joy to share your adventures! Check out Weston A. Price Foundation and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon – lots of great recipes & info you’ll use for nourishing foods. You’ll love the great old fashioned cooking, fermenting etc recipes. I’m enjoying the local contacts for fresh, organic food and nuts not treated with chlorine & bromine. I have a dehydrator – love it! Making amazing yogurt with fresh raw goat milk and heavy cream, Kombucha & this week trying my hand at Ginger Lemon Kefir Water (naturally carbonated with tons of B vitamins & probiotics). What fun these new lives are giving us.

  2. It’s such fun reading your blog! Just thinking about all you are doing tires me out!! I’m positive that if you had lived in another century you would have been one of the brave pioneers who came to carve out a place in the west. What’s really great is that you are not afraid to attempt new endeavors; I wouldn’t have the foggiest if it came to curing walnuts. I am extremely proud of you as always. Love ya, Mom

  3. Hi Cathy:
    All I can say is “wow” and I am so glad you and your husband are enjoying your new home and the riches that come with it. I envey you both and I look forward to your next blog.

    Take care and be safe.


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