A Day in The Life…

Sometimes I wonder if I’m living life in a fariy tale!  Our river cottage is surrounded by beautiful greenery, flowers, shrubs and trees.  Not just any trees but trees that produce fruits and  nuts!  And the view of the river we have is amazing.  We enjoy many special viewing spots we’ve set up around the property just to watch the river go by. It is so serene.
We are mystified by all the butterflies flittering about.  The variety of dragonflies dive bombing the air is incredible. Orange, blue, black and white, clear!  Then there are the birds that fly throught the trees and visit for the feed we leave out. I’ve never seen such a variety of birds except in cages or aviaries.  We also have resident hummingbirds the seem to dance about for our entertainment!
Deer walk right in to our yard to eat the fallen fruit and the blackberries that grow in such abundance in this area.  Some people put up huge electric gates to keep the deer and wildlife out.  I feel they belong right here. We watch the otters swim in the river and we are anticipating the salmon coming soon.
Now don’t get me wrong, all this beauty requires tons of work. But it’s the kind of work that let’s you reap the benefits.  The cottage is old and needs a lot of TLC. And the plants and trees have not been maintained for a few years.  They need trimming and feeding. But everything we get done adds to the charm of this old place!
Most mornings, I start my day between 6 and 6:30 am.  Feed the cats and make coffee.  Once everyone is awake, we straighten the house, check the garden and begin our project of the day.  That could be working on the chicken coop, picking berries or apricots or working in the yard trimming and cleaning.  Then I spend at least an hour in the vegetable garden clearing weeds and general maintenance. And of course we must fit in time to play ball with Ms. Ginger Snap (our Boston Terrier)! Lately we’ve been cooling off in the river in the afternoon.  Ginger Snap loves to swim now and boy does it tire her out!  Then we work a bit more before  it’s time to prep dinner. After dinner, we set up to water the lawns and gardens.  We have a main lawn, a lower lawn and a front lawn!  We have to water the trees shrubs and flowers too!
I haven’t been watching much television or playing lots of computer games.  I’ll save that for the winter time when it will be much colder!
I have made time to try my hand at preserves, both blackberry and apricot.  The reviews have been good! I will be trying to make tomato sauce next!  I will add more recipes soon.
Well,  back to my fairytale!



2 thoughts on “A Day in The Life…

  1. Thank you so much for letting us share a day with you in the Fairy Tale which you so rightly deserve! Soon you will have hummingbirds resting on your shoulders, birds eating out of your hands and butterflies adorning your hair!!! Since I know of the mutual love between you and all manner of critters, I’m certain that the river has already been singing and whispering to you……………………….

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