The Chicken Ranch

So, back in Las Vegas, after we decided to make the move to the river cottage, we started to talk about having our own chickens for eggs.  We did quite a bit of research on types of chickens, keeping chickens, chicken coops and chicken feed. All the things you would do before you started keeping chickens. We figured on 5-6 chickens so we could have a few eggs and perhaps sell a few ( we’ll see about that in the spring).
With all the different coops we looked at via the web, we have decided we could build a coop from the materials we have found in the tool shed and the basement. Now we only need to buy the chicken wire and a few bolts and hinges!  The picture below shows our progress as of August 18, 2012.

I will continue to update you on the progress of “The Chicken Ranch”.   I am sure my Vegas followers will get a kick out of the name ! We also have a few names picked out for the hens but we will have to wait to see if they fit the birds. I am looking forward to eating fresh eggs!


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